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About Our Company

We strive to put your company on the track of success by implementing your new ideas.  Invent Genius was created in 1998 with ten original client companies.  Of those ten, 5 are still using our services today.  We have invested our efforts in more than 1200 successful companies.  Let us move you to the next level.

Our Office

Our office is located in the busy downtown area.  We are always meeting with clients in person whether is is to set up a new company or go over projects in an existing one.  Come on by and set up a meeting today.

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Our Pledge

We guarantee to provide top quality services and try our hardest to increase your businesses' success.  If at any time you feel we are not upholding this, please contact our president to let him know of the situation.  If you are still unhappy then we will refund the remaining service time back to you.

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Our Team

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Barry Stevenson


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Joseph Hemli

VP / Chairman

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Alice Burls

Marketing Strategist

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Melissa Seranos

Employment Analyst Supervisor